Bad Boy Bear Volume 2


Bad Boy Bear, #2

Mandy Rosko Serie: Bad Boy Bear | Taal: Engels

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Danielle Reade needs to appraise a house in a backwater town she absolutely does not want to be in. There's no Starbucks, the bars on her phone are a joke, and her shoes don't exactly fit the terrain.

Making matters worse, someone is living in the house she is supposed to be appraising. Someone incredibly tall, muscular, and handsome as all hell. When he rescues her from a bear attack, it's almost enough to make Danielle look the other way. A man who makes her knees weak has that power.

But she has a job to do, and she won't let Ashford's handsome smile distract her. Not too much.

When Ashford's twin brother finds her, and both gorgeous men begin fighting for her because they are bear shifters and she happens to be their mate.

Because of course that would happen to her out here. Why wouldn't it?

Ashford is the new alpha, honorable, but willing to fight for what's his, including his woman.

The real question is, can Danielle really choose only one?

***All Three Volumes have been put together into a single volume that you can get for cheaper with a single purchase instead of picking up all three separately***

ebook EPUB
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