The Samurai Code - The Path To Enlightenment

Manuel Braschi Taal: Engels

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The Samurai Code - The Path To Enlightenment

ebook EPUB

€ 2,99

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Dear Friend:

Do you have moments when you feel frustrated but you can't really pinpoint the deep issues?

Do you wonder why you always feel like you're wrestling with your inner self?

Then you begin to doubt your own capabilities…

That is because you have not achieved the optimum energy balance…

This is what is holding you back from unleashing your true potential. This is why you are constantly afraid of taking the next step.

You see, the ancient warriors didn't hesitate to fight and die when it was asked of them.

They knew what was required from them and the stakes that were involved.

In order to transform themselves into warriors, they must confront all their fears and doubt before they even begin training physically, hence the priority being the mindset FIRST.

Although in this day and age, we do not need to kill each other needlessly, but the spirit of the warrior can still be embedded in us…

Whether you realize this or not, all of us are warriors in one way or another…

Because we have all been thrown onto the battlefield known as "life" or "reality".

We are all fighting for that promotion, the top spot, glory etc…

Why Not Begin The Training For Confronting Your Fears By Getting Your Copy Of This Unique Book, Where Honor Is Stronger Than Steel?

I would like to introduce the Mind Strength Training course called...

"The Samurai Code" - The Path To Enlightenment!

"The Samurai Code" is an in-depth mind training program aimed at helping individuals awaken their inner warrior within, so they can be a warrior instead of a worrier.

"The Samurai Code" is based on an ancient Japanese tradition of Samurai of the old, and how eight of their timeless virtues can be practiced into all areas of life...

Solving problems

Facing adversity

Strengthening of mind

Achieving higher goals

Maximizing your full inner potential

The way of the samurai, better known as Bushido, has 8 tenets:

Righteousness - where all points of view are deeply considered regarding honesty, justice and integrity.

Heroic Courage - where life is lived completely, fully and wonderfully.

Compassion - where they help their fellow men at every opportunity.

Respect - where warriors are not only respected for their strength in battle, but also by their dealings with others.

Integrity - where when one says that he/she will perform an action, it is as good as done.

Honor - where decisions they make and how these decisions are carried out are a reflection of whom they truly are.

Loyalty - where one is immensely loyal to all of those in his/her care.

Self-Control - Where one does not let emotions control their rationale, and uses both accordingly.

Change Your Life For The Better & Order "The Samurai Code" Today!

ebook EPUB
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