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Tito is bewildered by the world of adults, those strange humans that kiss on the lips and never stop working. While they live their lives, Tito is obsessed with playing football and achieving victory with his team, the Los Ángeles Rojos. But for this, there is a long way to go because as the old saying goes: “Boys win games, but men win championships”.

On entering Tito’s world we meet his close friend, advisor and mentor, the dimunitive Vicente who is wise beyond his years; his beloved mamá and Tito’s struggle in coming to terms with the presence of her new boyfriend, the wretched Leo; his Language teacher Muñoz Almighty, Tito’s living nightmare and the beautiful Pipina, the girl with watery eyes like Nicole Kidman, who steals Tito’s heart and whose kisses have the taste of passion fruit ice cream. In opening the pages of Tito’s secret diary, Marcelo Simonetti reveals Tito’s most intimate thoughts, his fears and his dreams. It is a coming of age story with universal themes of boyhood innocence, adolescent fantasies and the magic of first love. It is both insightful and at times hilariously funny.

Tito is not just for boys, it is also for, and about girls; and it is even for us adults full of bittersweet memories of what it was like growing up.
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