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"I Do", Now What?: A Guide for Newlyweds to Create a Rock Solid Marriage From the Start.


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Treating sex like a man is a must for your marriage.
Put on your lingerie, have a passionate date night with your husband, and remember to believe and treat yourself as a sexual being. Being in touch with yourself will make you happier, more fulfilled, and make you a better partner.

But that’s not all.
So many experts overlook the everyday practical parts of married life: why having a cleaning schedule is a godsend, how hacking the family recipe box is no longer the domain of your old aunt, and why having hobbies of your own (including “me” time) will help you grow both individually and together.

After 6 years of marriage, Margaret Stevens and her husband have weathered the storm: from job loss to house buying, and balancing home and work life without sacrificing happiness. In this quick and practical guide, you’ll find real-world examples of how to approach money, child-rearing, arguments, and keeping the flame stronger than ever, even after years of being together.

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