Mastering Life's Energies

Simple Steps to a Luminous Life

Maria Nemeth Taal: Engels


€ 23,95

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"We've all had luminous moments in our lives. Our ability to experience this sense of radiance and brilliance is built into us. Yet much of the time, in many areas of our lives, we've been driving in the fog. All too often, we feel frustration, resignation, and cynicism. Many of us have become "spiritual road kill" on our hero's path because we're asking the wrong questions - questions that might be making the fog even thicker. And that's not our purpose for being here. The purpose is to wake up and become who we are, to allow others to contribute to us and to, in turn, contribute our gifts to the world. So, what are some questions, and what are some tools, you can use to lift the fog from your path? The purpose of this book is to show us how to clear that fog, to clear the air so that you can see what is before you. Learning to clear away the fog from our "hero's path" simply requires a new skill set. Nothing more! It's something we can all learn. This book gives you specific methods for allowing Luminosity into your life on a consistent basis. The fog disappears, and our lives are filled with ease and lightness."
New World Library
288 pp.
Theologie, Esoterie & Filosofie
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