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A Baby for the Alpha: Bad Alpha Dads


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As alpha of the Silver Creek wolf pack, Carter has one job—produce an heir to continue his blood line, and keep the home that has been in his family for generations. Even though he has worked his way through the female population of his pack, it seems the tough, sexy alpha isn’t capable of creating the one thing he needs.

Piper never cared much about her own life, but when she gets pregnant, things change. She knows she can’t allow the man who impregnated her to be a part of their child’s life. With only a handful of belongings, she runs from a life of cold cruelty into a world alone. When she can run no longer, she collapses, only to be rescued by a hot alpha riding a motorcycle.

Does she dare tell Carter her secret? He offers her shelter for both her body and heart, and shows her a kindness she’s never experienced before. Can she trust him when she’s never trusted a man before?

Because maybe she has the one thing they both need?

A baby for the alpha...

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