Super Human: How to Change Your Personality, Develop Your Emotional Intelligence and Become a Better Person

Mark Brightlife Taal: Engels

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A human being isn’t a static organism, but dynamic. What we eat, feel, experience, and even our relation with, and interpretation of, our experiences, everything, influences our DNA. This said, we can’t predict changes in our future without precisely analyzing how we react to the situations presented before us. And these reactions start far before we’re born, with our mother. She’s the one that influences what we eat and feel before our birth. And so, by the time of birth, the baby has already suffered significant DNA changes that will affect his whole life. What we can do from that point on with our genetic code, consists in consciously altering it with our own habits and knowledge about the best way to deal with our decisions in life. And this is what this book proposes, a new slant on psychology, where what is known is presented here and explained in what regards using our potential for change and development.

ebook EPUB
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