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Hello There, Mr. Billionaire


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The powerful billionaires in these stories drive their women nuts, and the women return the favor. Their rendezvous makes these ladies feel on top of the world, like the sexiest women on the planet.

All of the Lights

Flat broke and out on the street, aspiring starlet Myra recieves an offer she can't refuse.

Being a beautiful woman, she’s used to being hit on by so-called photographers and video producers for rappers but something about this new prospect lets her know he is the real deal.

This short and sweet, tantalizing tale unfolds stitch by stitch and will leave you wanting more, more, more!

Interacial Billionaire Erotica

Spank Me, Governor:

When Janet, a 22-year-old college intern is summoned to the governor's hotel room while working on his election campaign, she has no idea what to expect.

He makes his intentions clear, and before Janet knows it, she's taken by the most powerful man in the state.

Warning! This story is HOT. Only intended for mature, adventurous readers.


Silence filled the room. Janet’s eyes wandered to her glass, as though she were looking for something inside of it.
“See, too honest for you,” the governor said.
Just as Janet was about to disagree for the sake of disagreeing, she felt the rugged bristle of a man’s 5 o’clock shadow against her cheek, and soft, full lips pressed against hers. The shaking in her leg picked up, startled by the electric energy of a first kiss.
The governor broke the kiss and then looked Janet in her eyes, to get a read on her reaction. He found no objection on her face.
He took that as a green light.
Before Janet knew it, the drink was gone from her hand and she was looking up at the hotel ceiling, the governor’s muscular body weighing on her small frame, his lips and tongue finding the weak spots in her neck and ear.

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