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Pleasure and Chains


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Ladies that love kink get it in a number of ways. The sexy women in these stories deal with alpha males who will spank and they crave them in the most insatiable ways.


Michelle, at the urging of her boyfriend, decides to visit in underground sex club to work out her inhibitions.

Though she had no idea what to expect, she quickly finds herself naked and chained to a wall. As she waits in a darkened room for someone, anyone, she is joined by a mysterious redheaded woman and a beautiful European man.

This story features 4,000 words of hot, sticky, BDSM, dripping candle wax, and more.

In the case of “The Pleasure Carnival”, Sade and Tyler ambitiously take their first date at such a place. Tyler had been visiting the café Sade works at for weeks, and finally got the nerve to ask her out. Feeling good energy from their weeks of great conversation, Tyler ambitiously risks it all by asking Sade to go to The Pleasure Carnival with him. In a new state of mind and wanting to live up to her new year’s resolution to be more adventurous, Sade accepts, and goes with Tyler to a world filled with whips, chains and group sex.

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