Aftermath: Hathe Book Three


Hathe, #3

Mary Brock Jones Serie: Hathe | Taal: Engels

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The war cast them up on opposite sides of a divided planet. Now they must come together to stop scavengers stealing the best of their world before they can heal it.

War or Peace. It doesn't matter. There is always an enemy, and Jacquel des Trurains of the planet Hathe knows all about enemies. He's spent years as a resistance agent battling the Terran invaders of his home world. Now the war is over, but Hathe has been left divided and hurting. Years of oppression have left their mark on every dirtsider who stayed behind. The other Hathians who fled to the moon have now returned to their lost homes, but the greed of a few threatens all of Hathe. Someone has to fix it, and who better than a decorated leader of the Resistance. Jacquel is sent back into battle, but this time it's to restore his home world. Then Jacquel's bosses decide he needs help.

A gifted diplomat, Rheia asn Postrova spent the war off-world, playing twisted games to protect the secrets of Hathe. Talk, promise, beg; whatever it took to stop the other worlds betraying Hathe's schemes to the Terrans. She's paid her dues to Hathe. All she wants now is to hide in peace. Unfortunately, her boss has other ideas.

Together, Jacquel and Rheia must find a way to heal their home. But Jacquel has lost too many already. Can he risk losing—or loving—one more?
And Rheia has secrets of her own.

Aftermath: Hathe Book Threeis the final book in the Hathe science fiction trilogy. If you like superbly plotted novels, cut-throat politics and engaging heroes and heroines, then you'll love this SFR Galaxy award-winning book by Mary Brock Jones.

Buy Aftermath: Hathe Book Three to enjoy this epic scifi trilogy today.

ebook EPUB
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