Come into the Hallway

Melissa Beryl Taal: Engels

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Come into the Hallway is an erotic single that’s sure to make you think differently about the neighborhood that you live in.  It’s about one woman and her first ever sexual encounter in the wild world of suburban swinging.

After simply being a “tourist” at her first ever swingers party, Cassie decides that tonight is her night to get in on the action.  It’s only fair, seeing that her husband spend the better part of the last decade cheating on Cassie and now he’s nowhere to be found.  It doesn’t hurt that Matt, the young, handsome newcomer to town who she can’t stop thinking about, will also be at the party. Cassie has her eyes set on the Army vet with the incredible body.

Cassie witnesses a feisty and sexy showdown between the two alpha females of the swinger group, and then she suddenly finds herself alone in a bedroom with Matt.  Those beautiful eyes of his are on her, and all she can think about is what else of his she can get her hands on.

What will Cassie do?  Will she run away from this younger man, or will she reach out and grab something that she wants oh-so-badly?

**Come into the Hallway is an excerpt from A Tourist in her Own Neighborhood, also by Melissa Beryl.**

ebook EPUB
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