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Biography: For Liberty, A World War II Soldier's Inspiring Story of Courage, Survival and Reslience


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For Liberty is a biography of a World War Two veteran. Ed was a Jewish American soldier who fought to expel Germans from France. He recalls battles in the foxholes, blasting tanks with crude bombs made from soda bottles, and how it felt fighting the enemy in the winter.

He vividly describes his horrible experiences as a prisoner of war in Germany; he suffered inhuman treatment, and near death from starvation. Hungry and weak he was trapped in Russian territory after the Liberation. To survive, Ed had to steal chickens and he called himself the Greatest Chicken Thief in all of Europe.

This biography follows Ed's life after returning and his battle with post traumatic stress syndrome, disabilities related to his many injuries, and the difficulties of finding work in New Jersey when he returned due to anti-Semitism.

Ed is 94 years old and living in Colorado.

Ed told his stories to the author Mike Befeler who helped Ed reunite with his estranged son after 57 years. Ed retains an amazing sense of humor, sometimes making light of the period when he had to steal food to help German refugees, by calling himself "The Greatest Chicken Thief in all of Europe".

He also shares wisdom about politics, history and much more. This historical biography also covers the history of the war at the time. It is a must read for anyone who wants to really understand the battle and the personal sacrifices our armed forces made to liberate the world from Hitler?s tyranny and oppression, from the point of view of someone who was there.

Our modern wars leave veterans with the same physical and psychological injuries. Weaponry has improved but the inhumanity of war has not changed. All veterans can appreciate what Ed went through so many years ago, and by reading this story may be inspired by his resilience, capacity for forgiveness, and love of life despite the horrors he was exposed to. We can all learn a lot from Ed?s story.

CD for the PC contains music and can be plaid off line.

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