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War of the Myth, #1

Miranda Grant Serie: War of the Myth | Taal: Engels

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For Rogan the mission always came first...until her.

Rogan's dedicated his life to protecting the Seven Planes, so when an ancient evil rises, he doesn't hesitate to volunteer his team. But immediately, things start to go wrong. Their intel is leaked to a gang hunting creatures of the Myth. Emma, the woman they grab is the wrong twin and worse, she's protected by the gods. Drawn into an intricate game where one wrong move means the annihilation of the Seven Planes, Rogan can't afford to be distracted by the soft lips of his captive. Especially since Emma's very existence is a crime. But when her life is required for the success of the mission, Rogan finds that he'll chance everything to save her.

Within a few hours, Emma's safe, little life crashes down around her. Driven off a bridge and drowned in a world of nightmares, Emma instinctively clings to the man that saves her. But when she wakes chained to a bed and interrogated over facts she doesn't know, she realizes that her sexy savior might not have her best interests at heart after all. Forced to stay by his side, Emma is dragged into a terrifying reality where her twin sister stars as a mass murderer and Emma herself is wanted for being a descendant – a forbidden child of the gods. With so much at stake, does she dare trust the the man sent to imprison her?

ebook EPUB
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