System Planning Fundamentals of the Gas Supply


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This unique reference book is intended for professionals, students, university professors, employees of public agencies, and career changers, in the field of energy- in particular those who are interested in the gas supply (gas transport, gas distribution, and plant construction) and are involved in the design, planning, and operation of gas pipelines/gas grids. This book is intentionally not designed like a "classical" textbook. Instead it is problem-based, comprising of self-contained main topics, which are relevant for the design of gas supply and transport systems. All approaches and computation methods presented in this book are proven in both academics as well as in business practices. This book contains diverse, well-researched information that is currently not present in German literature, or can only be obtained from international literature with difficulty. By observing the general physical and thermodynamic principles as well as the fundamentals of fluid mechanics, the characteristics of the gas supply are described. Such elements include: pipelines, separators, compressors, pressure regulating and metering stations, as well as gas storages. In regards to the planning, calculation, and design of systems, system components, and equipment, the application of accurate, realistic, and practically compliant methods is emphasized. Thus, it is mandatory to account for the real gas behavior of the considered natural gases. In accordance with good engineering practices, the calculation of all the relevant material data is discussed in detail in connection with the calculation and design of pipelines, compressors, expansion systems, control systems, and storages. In addition to the physical and technical aspects of the plant and system planning, economic considerations are also made: thus, optimal designs of equipment and systems can only be found with respect to economic constraints- in the sense of searching for and finding a cost minimum for the total cost of annuity as well as the specific and fixed costs. The book content is rounded out with aspects of the energy industry.
Deutscher Industrieverlag Gmbh
450 pp.
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