Sophie the parisian

Style Tips From a True Parisian Woman

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Dedicated to all women who recognize Frenchwomen as genuine style models, this book is an appealing, pocket-size guide to French style and glamour, with 100 practical and concrete tips and delightful photos and sketches.

Seven years after the success of the style guide Parisian Chic by Inès de la Fressange, Sophie the Parisian offers a fresher, wider, and more varied guide to French style.

The Parisian woman is considered a female role model by definition: classical in taste, but independent and dynamic; elegant and sophisticated at times, feminine and seductive, but not vulgar; attentive to what she wears and taking care of her body, but without excessive vanity; and who has sophisticated and original but simple taste. Food lover and partygoer, she focuses on the quality of food rather than on her shape. Fond of natural beauty, and without plastic surgery, she doesn't try to hide the signs of aging, which she wears with pride.

Sophie the Parisian doesn't take herself too seriously and uses a well-balanced mix of charm, great taste, and irony--three typical traits of the modern Frenchwoman--to cover topics ranging from fashion to the well-being of the body, from looks to health, from cooking to decoration: everything that makes the French joie de vivre a role-model lifestyle worldwide.
Overig Hardback
Mondadori Electa
304 pp.
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