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Where there's smoke there are liars.

When Melbourne firefighter Jack Adams discovers his stunning wife's secret double life, he doesn't have a chance to confront her - she's already dead; murdered in bed while their apartment burns.

A broken man, Jack retreats to the country and books into the shabby Daffodil Motel. With just Buddy the dog for company, he turns away from his painful past and tries to heal. It's here in the quiet village of Hill Cross that Jack rediscovers his love of music and gradually allows the close-knit community to enter his life and it's here he meets the down-to-earth Lucinda.

Back in the city, Jack's firefighter blood-brothers Stu and Robbie set out to discover what really happened the day Steph was killed. They begin to piece the details of her life together, not realising how close to the truth they are.

When the lads turn up in Hill Cross, a bombshell meeting with a stranger sends Jack spinning into a whirlwind of shock. Shattered by perceived disloyalty, he bolts the scene but this time Lucinda follows. Chased by fears and demons, Jack drives like a madman - and doesn't see the wallabies on the dark road ahead until it's too late...

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