Desire : BWWM Romance Collection


ebook EPUB

€ 4,99

Desire : BWWM Romance Collection

ebook EPUB

€ 4,99

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No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.

The Live-Ins

With her new billionaire lover missing, Tara must work with Denver's Live-Ins to figure out where he is. It takes a dark, investigative journey before Tara learns what happened to him, and in the process she also gets a taste of what it is like to be one of his live-in employees.

When it seems like all hope is lost to find Denver, Tara gets a call from him telling her to follow his directions. He guides her to a secret location where they rejoice in their love, and she comes to understand why Denver disappeared.

As more mysteries unfold about the previous chef before Tara, Denver's secret getaway is accosted by two people who want his money. Denver must protect Tara and disclose the truth about his life in order to save them both. In a near-death experience, Tara and Denver develop a bond that can only grow from an experience so traumatic.

The Seal's Undivorce

Jacob Sanders arrives home from a heartbreaking deployment to find a love letter from his estranged wife. A package of divorce papers in his in box. Clearly the mother of his five children has decided to move on.

Danika Sanders has gotten her groove back. After a long bout of postpartum depression that started somewhere between the birth of her now three year twins and her new four month old daughter, she has picked herself up and thinks herself ready to finally deal with her alpha SEAL husband.

Wrong and wrong.

Jacob and Danika have a lot to learn about themselves and each other before they can either reunite or release each other. A secret baby, five boys, Jacob's raw jealousy and Danika's hot gay maid all conspire against the thinning threads of their passionate marriage. Will an unexpected shooter put an end to all they hold dear, or tie those threads together so they have a saving knot to hold onto?

Love off the Court

Tiffany is head of the New York Reds public relations team and Anthony Rhodes is the team's star point guard. Usually Tiffany never has time to attend any of the actual games and the two never meet. That is, until the Christmas basketball game, where Anthony notices Tiffany, and cannot look away.

Instantly, he knows he has to have her, but Tiffany proves a little hard to get. But at every turn Anthony surprises her, and finally sweeps her off her feet. The two fall into a passionate affair and everything is perfect. Until Tiffany misses her period; that's when things get a little complicated.

ebook EPUB
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