The Cardiff Christmas Club

Nick Frampton Taal: Engels

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When Katy returns to Cardiff after an incredible year travelling she’s not quite sure what to expect. She knows she isn’t the same woman who boarded a plane, leaving both her boyfriend and best friend behind. But a year is a long time and Katy isn’t the only one to have gone through some changes.

Katy’s best friend Tom finally has a steady boyfriend in the gorgeous Owen: a 6ft 2 rugby playing teacher that can somehow cope with the ups and downs of Tom’s artistic temperament. Then there’s David; the one-time love of Katy’s life, who she left safely in London mending his broken heart, only to find him back in Cardiff and sporting a whole new look.

But swapping sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets for the Welsh winter is harder than Katy expects. Faced with the back-to-reality onslaught of real life and fuelled by copious glasses of wine Katy drunkenly forms the Cardiff Christmas Club – bringing together a disparate group of people to make holly wreaths for the local village winter carnival. However, Katy soon finds herself faced with bigger challenges; calling upon the club to save Owen’s school play whilst fending off the advances of both David and new admirer and club member Rhodri.

ebook EPUB
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