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A New Wife in Thailand


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In 2002 I had a wonderful golden retriever and a good business but something was missing in my life – the love of a good woman. My life was good but I felt so lonely at times that even my wonderful golden retriever friend Jake could not cheer me up. So I decided to move lock, stock and barrel to Thailand in my quest for a good woman to share my life with. The ebook spans 15 years from 2002 to 2017 covering my first and second trips to Thailand, life with a bargirl and her family, life with my Thai wife and a report about my 3 days in a Thai hospital. It covers all my experiences along the way, good and bad, such as getting a TEFL certificate in Bangkok and then teaching maths, English and sports in several schools and a university. I have experienced many wonderful things that would never have happened had I not taken the plunge all those years ago. It has sometimes been a rocky road but I would not change a thing, even if I could. I can now from personal experience say that the words of the signature song by the much loved English entertainer Bruce Forsyth ring so very true:
“Life is the name of the game
And I wanna play the game with you
Life can be terribly tame
If you don’t play the game with two
And I wanna play the game with you”

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