Leading Adaptive Teams in Healthcare Organizations


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The main intent of this book is to guide the reader to practical, relevant skills and concepts so that they will feel comfortable and confident leading and participating in teams. All too frequently safety and quality is compromised in healthcare organizations because of poor communication and an inability to successfully manage conflict. This book provides knowledge and skills associated with facilitating and leading teams within healthcare organizations. It provide ideas, strategies and tools for healthcare leaders (administrative, nursing, physician, other clinical) to create and lead teams that have a learning orientation, have the ability to self-correct, and get exceptional results. This book gives leaders insight into new thinking, shows how to apply this knowledge to their teaming efforts. Ultimately, creating teams with a learning orientation will provide superior healthcare outcomes, both from a quality standpoint and a service standpoint. Readers will find ideas that they can implement and will challenge some existing assumptions and provide newer ways of thinking about teams within healthcare organizations. This book is written for those who recognize the importance of the task at hand, understand that yesterday's models may not be as relevant, and who understand the critical role of teams and that we are often falling short in teaming efforts.
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