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A Cry From Hell: I Thought I was Born Again!!!


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This book is in no way associated with any vision, near death, or back-from-the-dead experience. The topic “A Cry from Hell: I thought I was Born Again” is merely dramatic, metaphoric, and illustrative. This book is wholly and solely dependent on Scriptures. 

This young man… who lived all his life here on earth, named with the children of God, died and found himself in hell fire. As the fire and pangs of hell gripped him he cried out in agony “AARGH!!! I THOUGHT I WAS BORN AGAIN!!!” He had been deceived to think he is born again only to find out at the other side that he is not.

Great Evangelist Billy Graham in the words of Andrew Wommack was quoted to say that he thinks that “Up to 80 percent of people that profess Christianity are not truly born again”.

You have been in church for long, but are you sure you are born again? This book shows you seven measurable tests to know if you are born again or not. I am sure you don't want to find out your salvation status when it is too late. Find out today. For except a man be born again, he cannot stand a chance to see the Kingdom of God.

This book is a must read for you and your loved ones who attend church with you. Read for yourself and use it to teach people around you. The book goes on to shows you how to be born again and introduces to you the person of the Holy Spirit and the practical of His baptism. I pray in the Name of Jesus that none of us shall despite all our labour here on earth, hear the saddest words “I never knew you: depart from me”. Amen!

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