Enticing Duty


Seducing The Guardian, #3

Olivia Outlaw Serie: Seducing The Guardian | Taal: Engels

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Love should trust the heart instead of the eyes.

It was a lesson Adam didn’t learn before he fled the Highlands after seeing his beloved Evan cavorting with his former lover. He believed that his eyes couldn’t deceive him and Evan’s betrayal destroyed him. It sent him into hiding in his London dwelling and compelled him to hire guards to keep Evan away. He couldn’t bear to see Evan ever again.

But a guardian can’t avoid his ward forever, especially if his ward is the Prince Regeant’s Godson. Being called to account by the Regeant was as inevitable as being forced to see his ward. Even if his ward was the lover who betrayed him, duty demanded that Adam safeguard Evan and his future which must include marriage to a lady fit to be a duchess.

Evan understood that Adam believed he’d been betrayed. Even if Evan could convince Adam to trust his heart, could he entice his dutiful guardian into breaking every rule? And if he did, how could they share a future forbidden by his royal Godfather?

ebook EPUB
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