Guided Heart: New York City

P.J. Nevada Taal: Engels

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A personally guided tour of New York City? What could be better than that? Well, apparently, for high tech geek and Silicon mogul Andrew Wallace, anything but such a tour is better. A social misfit, Andrew is provided with a gift of a tour, and he’s giving his tour guide Sawyer Collins, a real run for his money.

The pair are at odds from the very beginning, even before Andrew realizes he has eyes for sexy Sawyer. But Andrew doesn’t have the social know-how of getting his message across without provoking off the object of his affection. Matters aren’t helped by Sawyer’s acknowledgment of a girlfriend, but are soon made worse when Andrew challenges the strength of the relationship by dipping into Sawyer’s email files.

With the sights of The Big Apple as a backdrop, Sawyer is soon charmed by Andrew’s innocence and smoking hot body, despite being frustrated by the missteps at the same time. As sexual tensions rise in the budding roller coaster ride of their relationship, Andrew and Sawyer must come face to face with their desires and hunger for true love, all the while balancing their independent and dissimilar lives. After all, even if true love can be found, can it survive being stretched between New York and California? Find out in this exciting m/m erotic romance.

ebook EPUB
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