Bending Time

The Power to Live in the Now

Patrick Paul Garlinger Taal: Engels


€ 19,95

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It is a commonplace among spiritual teachings that we should live in the present moment. But what does that really mean? Bending Time offers a novel answer to that question. We must understand time as a psychic phenomenon that we ourselves create. As a product of our own creation, time structures our entire perception of the world, especially our relationships with other people. In our relationships, we recreate the past in the present moment rather than experience the present as it truly is, in an attempt to avoid the unknown, and as a result, we never allow ourselves to appreciate the full expression of another human being's existence. To experience the present moment and to see others as they truly are, we must alter our relationship to time-we must learn to bend time.
With practical tools for working with time and channeled wisdom on transforming your relationship to the world, Bending Time offers unprecedented ways to think about your life from the only moment that truly exists-the present.
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