When Words Fall Short. The Military Collection

Paul John Hausleben Taal: Engels

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When Words Fall Short, The Military Collection, is a collection of five military-themed, short stories that tell the stories of what it means to have served your country, of the commitment that serving requires, and of the pain, as well as the honor, of those who have served. These stories might leave the reader breathless and perhaps, even teary-eyed but the reader will have a new respect of what it means to have made the ultimate commitment to honor and to sacrifice.

In this collection of short stories, the master storyteller, Mr. Paul John Hausleben writes tales not of combat lore or battlefield actions; instead, the author writes stories focused upon the emotions, the courage, and the human side of what it takes to be willing to commit your life, your honor and your heart to preserve freedom and what you strongly believe in. Mr. Hausleben tells the reader stories laced with touches of religion, a little touch of the author's trademark humor, but all the stories are packed emotion, and most of all, honor and respect for those special people willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

This remarkable collection includes the short story "Flying" in a revised and different version, along with the critically acclaimed and previously unreleased story, "The Basket on the Wall."

ebook EPUB
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