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Conflicts Within


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Born on September 10, 1974, in Jamaica, Queens, New York, U.S.A. Elijah Silver Knight Hamilton must make the right choices as he wrestles in the Conflicts Within.

Growing up without knowing who his father was and having only a single mother who sold drugs along with nine siblings he's faced with a lot of troubles and trials. After the death of his mother at age twelve Don Kong New York's drug kingpin takes him as a mentor. However, due to circumstances, Elijah has to go off from one foster home to the other until he later decides the streets is for him. He visits his former hood where he meets upon Don Kong again who shows him that society doesn't really care about him or anyone for that matter but about themselves and who loves them. Elijah listens keenly as Don Kong tells him to come and sell drugs for him so that he can earn some money like the other guys in the hood. Elijah believes and accepts Don Kong's offer because he has been like a father and he starts off hustling on the street of Southside, New York where he has been joined by the Jump Movers the most powerful gang in New York under Kong's leadership. Several years later Don Kong dies and Elijah is crowned as New York's most powerful and notorious drug lord where he governs the drug organization left to him by Don Kong. Now that Elijah has taken over he has the money, power, and women the three attributes that all gangsters dream of. He meets a beautiful criminal lawyer by the name of Keisha in his nightclub "Club Indulgence" where he falls for her and later has a daughter named Tanisha. However, can Elijah overcome the conflicts of his mind after been sentenced to twenty years in prison or will they get the better of him?

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