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Sunrise Calling


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Sunrise Calling - Book I of the Lara Chronicles - begins on the boardwalks of Huntington Beach, California (a.k.a. Surf City, U.S.A.), where the ocean meets the sky and drop-dead, gorgeous sunsets provide a perfect backdrop for love and romance. But in those dark hours between sunset and sunrise, evil lurks.

As a child, Lara Coleman discovered her supernatural powers, but in fear of something she didn't understand, she repressed her abilities and told no one. Now, sixteen years later, Lara meets Don, a boy with an irresistible smile and a mysterious past. The attraction is undeniable, but as Lara and Don fall in love, a sadistic killer hunts and tortures young girls, unleashing terror in the beach cities.

When Lara starts hearing threatening voices in her head, then sees horrifying visions, her power awakens, and she discovers she's capable of things she never imagined. Struggling to understand her own destiny, she suddenly finds herself face-to-face with a menace that threatens her whole world. Will her growing abilities be enough to stop a monster?... And save her own life?

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