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The Bond


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Silvia comes to sunny California as an au pair seeking adventure and soon finds what she's looking for: one of the last places where the Wild West still exists. Here, she can ride the endless trails of Mount Diablo foothills with cowboys. Silvia always dreamt of becoming a professional dressage rider, and now, it looks like her dream might come true.

She never could have expected to come face to face with the supernatural in the form of a charming vampire. She wasn't expecting to find the horse of her life there, either, or the best dressage trainer she could have wished for. Everything might be falling into place-or not. Silvia will have to overcome many obstacles to reach her goal, but at what cost?

The Bond is a romantic, magical tale from the equestrian world, as well as a gripping fantasy. Above all, it is a story about the wonderful relationship between rider and horse, the importance of pursuing dreams, and the age-old human desire for perfection, no matter the price. Silvia has come to California for a reason, and surrounded by the magical and mystical, she might find her life's true purpose with the help of a horse.
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