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Watch It Burn


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Survival of the fittest…

No plastic and no petroleum means no vehicles, pavement, or electronics.

The machine sickness Dr D. created changed life worldwide.

Dr. D. risks life and limb traveling the changed landscape while struggling to counteract the climate cataclysm that threatens humanity's survival.

The President of the USA, cut off in a newly hostile world, fights for control of the primitive media that remains.

Hen Li, forced to man an oar in an Africa-bound ship, washes up at young Meala's feet when the ship wrecks. Will the bloody explosion of neo-Islam separate the star-crossed lovers? Will it cost him his life?

And what is the strange residue the bacteria leaves on the world's shores? What are the strange creatures that feed on them?

With nations and corporations reeling on the ropes, can the world outgrow warfare and violence and create a simple network of freedom which encircles the globe?

"...the series is an enjoyable, elegantly written, and ultimately hopeful story about a tremendous, world-shattering catastrophe."—SciFi Magpie Blog

"Made chills run up and down my spine!" —David G.

Download the volatile second book, Watch It Burn, in the ground-breaking Eupocalypse series by sci-fi writer Peri Dwyer Worrell and get swept into the action right now!

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