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Golf Interrupted


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Damaged yet unbroken, Sebastian is a B-grade golfer assisted by Donnie, a wounded pelican, who shows him how to use the wind's power for flight, for golf and for life.

But before Sebastian has even completed Hope, the first hole at Desolation Point, he is interrupted. As the police psychiatrist he is back on the front line as a terrorist threat becomes a siege situation - just a short helicopter ride from his golf.

The siege ends abruptly and Sebastian fears it's all too much and he won't be able to keep going. Not knowing what else to do, he persists in his golf, soothed by the tenderness of golfing mates, Stefan, Brian and the Rabbi. As they play they talk - about life, death and golf.

Golf Interrupted is a whimsical novella about damage, connection and conversation. Themes and ideas bob to the surface and are tossed about, like golf balls in the wind. Sebastian has come face-to-face with death, time and again. He is damaged - like his muse Donnie, and he seeks a metaphysical connection, through Donnie, to the natural world.

Taking place over a single day, from the first tee off through the secret cave beneath the fourteenth hole, all the way to the final hole, this novella will keep you guessing.

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