PETRIC, Eva Taal: Engels


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Eva Petric's Webbing is a »hybrid« of her visual art and creative writing with which she presents the web of her 25 art installations in the medium of lace assembage. Made in the period of 2012-2018, they were installed worldwide. Connected into one web by the artist's perception of lace representing hematomas they seem to exist as a collective web which surpasses time and space. Hematomas occur not only when the wall of blood  vessels is damaged and blood leaks into surrounding tisues where it does not belong, but also on emotional and social dimensions. We, as a society or as indiviudals, can ourselves be hematomas when emotional barriers break and emotions explode... Petric's hematomas, are further tied into one common web by their ephemerality: when the artist deinstalls them, they cease to exist and can never again appear in the same form - except in this monography. The phenomenon of webbing is the common thread to all of the Petric's lace installations: webbing defines our life and existence at all levels, from the macrocosmic in space to the microcellular within our bodies. Eva Petric presented these levels in her 25 projects made from inherited, discarded, donated or bought at flea markets from around the world hand made laces. Eva Petric: "These recycled laces represent and illustrate the connectedness among us. I perceive them as our other skin." Unlike usual art catalogs, this book presents ideas behind the installations and not just the images and scholarly texts, rather, it reaches into the "backstage" where the ideas responsible for giving birth to the installations are presented in a unique way, through "visual" poetry accompanying a new series of images. These appear throughout the entire book, serving as markers for each new section of the book and presenting the new idea behind the lace installation.
288 pp.
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