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Vertraging Engelstalige boeken door Brexit

Door de Brexit en de coronamaatregelen kunnen we de getoonde levertijden bij Engelstalige boeken niet garanderen. 

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Time Controllers

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Everybody is looking for that extra time, because the normal twenty four hours day isn`t enough to run your daily activities, our live are fill with voids of many missions to accomplish, places we wish we could have visited, continues education we wish we could have pursuit, sadly we all live a life of unfinished tasks, unvisited friends, unread books, uncompleted assignments.

What do we do to figure a way out to solve the problems of having less time to do more with our day or nightschedulles? Children grow in numbers and age to require more of our time, our professions or activities participation in social club, sports, religious commitment tend to take more of our time. We find ourselves working longer putting extra time for extra over-pay, you better be getting smarter when you find yourself in such situation that hinders one from enjoying life as much as we supposed.

Lets open our inner eyes to look at our dilemma of time shortage critically, we will realize that the challenges goes deeper than not having enough time; The moment we take the responsibilities to do the first thing first and know the sequence that follow next in priority order. We will have discovered the secret exit door to the energy frequency of existence outside the normal time zone.

When we achieve tremendous joy after completion of a very difficult day or night of work on major priority of the moment, we become mentally encouraged to conquer the next frontiers of priority

Not hard work, but doubt and misgiving produce anxiety as we review a month or a year and become depressed by the pile of unfinished tasks. Other people demand on our time and our inner compulsions have driven us into frustration, we realize that quite apart from our sins, we have left undone those things which we ought to have done we live in constant tension between the urgent and the important. The problem is that many important tasks need to be done today and not extend them to the following day, urgent, though less important tasks call for immediate response and take up our time. We realize that we have become slaves to the matrixs and rat-race of life.

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