When You Can't Trust Love


Romance in India series, #7

Prasenjeet Kumar Serie: Romance in India series | Taal: Engels

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A Romance novel that challenges the very concept of love.

** From the #1 Best-selling Author**

People say love and logic don't go together… that love is blind… that sometimes we should trust our hearts more than our mind.

That's what Simi Chatwal and Vikram Sethi, best friends in college, too once believed in.

In love at first sight, in relationships that last till eternity...

Then Simi meets Shail Singh who seems to have everything she is looking for—sophistication, charm, generosity, and a perfect job as an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer.

Indeed, her Prince Charming.

At the same time, Vikram falls for Veena, the most fashionably turned out girl in college, who also happens to share his entrepreneurial dreams.

Both perfectly natural choices spark off a chain of events that leave Simi and Vikram bewildered and fighting for their lives. Literally.

Fast paced like a thriller and electrifying in intensity like a romance novel, When You Can't Trust Love will keep you at the edge of the seat and shake you to the core when you finish reading it.

Always posing the question— should love be blind to reason?

If you like reading Romantic Suspense novels, buy a copy or download a sample now!

ebook EPUB
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