The Curse of the Ouija


The Curse of the Ouija, #1

R Scott Serie: The Curse of the Ouija | Taal: Engels

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The antique store owner warned the two best friends that the Ouija board was cursed. Rachel and Lauren will find out for themselves what happens when they fall under the sway of the Ouija. This e-book contains graphic female-female sex and should not be read or downloaded by minors!



I moved my chair closer to her so that our knees were touching. She picked the board off the floor and rested it on our legs. She placed the planchette in the center of the board and we lightly placed our fingers on it simultaneously.

Something shocked me. It wasn't painful, just a mild electric tingle that happened in an instant. But it ran through my entire body.

"Oh!" Rachel exclaimed. "Must be some static built up!"

"Yeah," I said mildly. But it sure didn't feel like static electricity. Whatever it was, it was gone now, but it felt strange.

"So now what?" I asked.

"Do you have anything to ask, Laur?"

"Not right this second."

"Okay, I'll go first then." She closed her eyes.

As I sat there and watched her in that instant, I was suddenly aware of how attractive my friend was. I mean, I had always known that she was attractive. But I had never realized how sexually attractive she was. While her eyes were closed in that moment, my eyes took in the smooth skin of her neck, down to the neckline of her tank top. I could see the valley of skin between her breasts.

ebook EPUB
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