A Lancaster Amish School for Jacob


A Home for Jacob, #4

Rachel Stoltzfus Serie: A Home for Jacob | Taal: Engels

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School. Tests. Peril.

When Jacob's Amish schoolhouse is threatened by a State teacher who wants to sacrifice their education on the alter of standardized testing, will Jacob and his friends be able to save their school, or will Jacob's attempt to help cost him his new life and home in Lancaster County?

Common core testing has come to Philadelphia orphan turned Amish teen Jacob's one room Lancaster Amish schoolhouse, and Jacob wants nothing to do with it. Kindly Mrs. Yoder, their current teacher, knows nothing about the tests or what they involve, and when Jacob tries to warn her and the other students about the disaster that looms, they tease and ignore him. But when the test arrives in the hands of the wicked State schoolteacher Ms. Smith, it's even worse than Jacob predicted, and it's up to Jacob, Mark, Jeremiah and Eli hatch a plan to rid the community of the tests, Common Core and Ms. Smith in the bargain.

Will Jacob and his friends save their school from a cycle of never-ending testing, or will Jacob's attempt to help lead to the loss of his family and the life he's built in Lancaster County?

Find out in Book 4 of the Bestselling Home for Jacob series.

ebook EPUB
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