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Get It Done!


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Much noise and ink has already been devoted to executing better so that your organization can more effectively manage new business opportunities that arise and adapt to new realities. So why another book, why more ink, why more lessons and insight devoted to it?

Because, for all the efforts and monies spent on becoming more performance-based and better at execution, most organizations continue to struggle to get done what they need to get done.

In Ger It Done!, top business advisors Ralph Welborn and Vince Kasten cut through the noise and isolate what they call the  "DNA for business execution." They show you how to manipulate this DNA to get done what needs to get done-through many real-world examples of great (and sometimes not so great) execution in action.

In far too many organizations, disconnects exist between what executives want to do and what really gets done-leading to personal and professional frustration, finger pointing, higher costs, and lost time. Knowing the underlying cusses of these disconnects is the first critical step to overcoming them-and it is this key insight that Welborn and Kasten use to identify and then manipulate t5he DNA to bridge the gaps between what executives demand  and what really happens.

Welborn and Kasten also examine the issues, problems, and constraints that confound business leaders trying to build a culture of execution. As with an y business objective, they illustrate that significant gaps exist between demands for a culture of execution and making it happen pragmatically, consistently, and effectively. They show how to bring such a culture to life helping you get it done with a wealth of practical tools, techniques, and methods.

You'll get a big-picture view of the art of execution, as well as the vital building blocks and tools you need to keep your projects moving forward. As one of their clients put it:

"Finally a book that says something useful. Too many business books are dry, based on jargon, and not tied to the operational reality of how to get  things done and how to work with different parts of an organization to get them done. Welborn and Kasten provocatively and humorously point out he underlying causes of misunderstandings, miscommunications, and misalignment-the 'gaps'-between management and operations, between business folks and technology folks, between staff folks and line folks, between strategic direction and operational reality. They then realistically point out a consistent way to tackle and bridge theses gaps. Parts of this book are challenging and frustrating. Much of it is engaging. All of it is compelling and useful. Finally! A book for action."

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