A Slave to the Fantasy, Part 7: Begin Again


A Slave to the Fantasy, #7

Rebecca Lee Serie: A Slave to the Fantasy | Taal: Engels

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A Slave to the Fantasy, Part 7: Begin Again

ebook EPUB

€ 0,99

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Besides the story “Begin Again”, the entire “A Slave to the Fantasy” can be purchased in a collector's box set and you can also get Book 1!

Handsome and successful with the world at his feet, Samuel Roberts can't let go of his obsession with a beautiful woman. His deepest insecurities and fears come alive again in a seemingly chance reunion with the mysterious Tanya Carasco.

To the world and his rabid fan base, dating expert Samuel Roberts has it all: looks, success, money, and fame. In his soul he walks an emotional tight rope of sadness and desire as he pines for the one woman he can't have.

She's an enchanting exotic beauty oceans away whom he knows only through still photographs and internet instant messages. More than a fantasy, Tanya is sexy, stunning, and deeply troubled.

Blessed with looks that mesmerizes men everywhere, her passionate but wounded heart belongs not to her cyber lover Samuel Roberts, but to a dangerous uncaring man she callously hides from him. Her erotic romance with this other man dominates her.

Tanya and Samuel are further separated by a dark and elicit plot designed to manipulate Tanya's allure for political domination. Is it the destiny of these gorgeous cyber soul mates to unite amid the chaos of international intrigue, shifting loyalties, and red hot liaisons?

Where the burning heart is unchained from the past, there is only freedom and pleasure. This is the best of today's hottest erotic romances from Sylvia Day and EL James."A Slave to the Fantasy" is a hot page turner erotic romance series that will grab you and never let go.

Here it is ”Begin Again”.

Pulse pounding from beginning to exciting end. Another of Rebecca Lee's signature erotic romance stories for women. This is hot romance and suspense with mature situations.

ebook EPUB
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