Oathbound Sisters


The Dreaming King Saga, #2

Richard Friesen Serie: The Dreaming King Saga | Taal: Engels

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The Paluan wizards have developed a new and deadly battle magic that changes how wars are fought. Moreover, the Dendalen army must adapt to fighting a war where the enemy raids and runs, never staying for pitched battle.

King Magnus and Queen Carlota must encourage and hearten their people while they fight to regain their trust for each other and salvage their marriage.

Kala finds that battle is not what she thought it would be. By accident, she and the other Tigresses have also changed how war is fought. In the process of fighting and dying, they find out what the oath they swore to each other really means.

Anton and his sister have carved a place for themselves in the arena, but a rogue magic lurks in the Morros slums, waiting to steal everything Anton loves.

The prophetic dreams guiding King Magnus show a golden child marching out to fight a great evil on the steppes. Who the child might be and what the evil is, Magnus does not know, but before the Dreaming Child can lead his army to war, he has to be born.

ebook EPUB
?Richard Friesen
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