Help! My Job Sucks: Insider Tips on Making Your Job More Satisfying and Improving Your Career


Business Professional Series, #6

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Help! My Job Sucks: Insider Tips on Making Your Job More Satisfying and Improving Your Career

ebook EPUB

€ 0,00

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Improve Your Work Life, Leading to Higher Productivity, Potentially Larger Raises and a Happier Life

Is your boss driving you crazy or harassing you? Is he or she making your miserable, denying you raises and promotions, or micromanaging your every move? Are you happy with your work situation? Do you understand it will not improve unless you do something about it?

Would prefer to look forward to going to work every day? Wouldn’t you like to be respected, make more money and go home feeling satisfied at doing a job well done?

I have been where you are today.

In my life, I’ve had all kinds of managers, from a boss who was declared insane to the compulsive micromanager and, worst of all, the manager headed for retirement who didn’t want to approve or do anything that might rock the boat. I felt attacked, belittled, unvalued and overwhelmed, sometimes all at the same time.

These situations affected my health and well-being and caused a feeling of helplessness and depression that nothing seemed to fix. Life appeared to be nothing but failure due to the constant invalidations and negativity.

Finally, I realized I could do something about the whacko boss. There were many options, from a simple conversation all the way to finding new employment. What I realized is it takes two to be a victim – the victimizer (the whacko boss) and the victim. I decided to break that crazy dance.

* Understand that you can do something to correct the situation.

* Learn the various options at your disposal.

* Build an escape route to use if the situation does improve.

* Find the people who can help you take corrective action.

Don’t let another day go by without taking action to kick the whacko boss in the butt. Get your Copy of this book NOW. Scroll up and click on the BUY NOW button!

ebook EPUB
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