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Talk to God and Fix Your Health

The Real Reasons Why We Get Sick, and How to Stay Healthy

Rivka Levy Taal: Engels


€ 24,95

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This book is the 'go to' God-based holistic health manual for anyone who wants to learn how physical health, mental health and spirituality all come packaged together.

'Talk to God and Fix Your Health' is holistic medicine at its best, combining cutting edge alternative medicine ideas with the latest scientifically-proven advances in spiritual healing and energy medicine techniques.

The result is a self-help book that's jam-packed with easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement practical ideas for how readers can instantly give themselves some mental health first aid and energetically heal themselves at every level of body, mind and soul.

'Talk to God and Fix Your Health - The Real Reasons Why We Get Sick and How to Stay Healthy: tells readers:

How mental health and spirituality are intrinsically connected

The three main reasons why they're really getting sick

How to identify and defuse messy emotional issues before they turn into physical illnesses

Easy ways to fix their health at the spiritual, emotional and physical levels, including many practical 'alternative health' suggestions.

Readers will learn:

The 8 secrets of getting God more involved in their healthcare;

The 3 foundations of good emotional health;

What energy meridians are connect to which emotions; and

The 7 types of negative people, and how they could be affecting their physical health, mental health and spirituality.

They'll also discover what specific emotions could be causing their physical illnesses, and how to 'unblock' their trapped emotions using a variety of simple, easy-to-apply energy psychology and energy healing techniques.

If you've been stuck trying to find a self help approach for dealing with worry and anxiety, or trying to find a self help approach that really works for setting boundaries, or for overcoming trauma, 'Talk to God and Fix Your Health' sets out how all of these issues need to be dealt with holistically, across all three levels of body, mind and soul.

Best of all, the stuff in the book actually works, and can lead to dramatic, fast and permanent improvements in readers' health.
Matronita Press
280 pp.
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