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Destiny's Game (The Sampson Project)


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Destiny's Game (The Sampson Project)

Robert Carlton and his friend Scottie Benson continue their quest to expose Taylor-Fiennes Industries and their insidious plans to develop indestructible armies, used as impermeable forces against Eastern Europe. Robert’s scientific discoveries, carefully calibrated to bolster the human condition, have been corrupted by Dr. Gates within the walls of a cloaked research compound. With the help of newly formed, yet questionable alliances, Robert has but one opportunity to locate the testing center and take back what is rightfully his; a game of destiny that continues to elude him. Questions about who to trust will haunt their every move as Robert and Scottie find themselves closer to the truth and uncover who holds ultimate control of the ominous scheme.
The two friends encounter impossible surroundings and foreboding opponents that will change their world and everyone associated with Taylor-Fiennes. But at what cost will Robert continue his investigation, desperate to put an end to what seems impossible to stop. The delicate balance of world power could be altered by irresponsible methods to protect his identity and physical characteristics; a biological oddity to finalize preparations for ultimate synthesis.
His search for Natalie will take on further confusion and diverted clues as to her possible whereabouts and tactical involvement. Will he ever learn the truth? Did she betray his trust or was she used as a pawn in a much larger plan to change the face of mankind?
The delicate balance of world power will continue to be in question as Robert searches for answers that seem to be slipping away; thrust into a world where little is as it seems. The ruthless drive to exploit his discoveries was the key component in The Sampson Project, but only the beginning of what is yet to come.
Subversive interests of Jeremy Taylor and Colin Fiennes are revealed in their pursuit to develop super-humans for the Russian mafia and solidify their position within the New Order. The pathway of discovery is cloaked in deceit as Scottie helps guide Robert through the myriad of attacks and mistruth’s that sublimate efforts to find what he once took for granted and expose his enemies before all is lost.
The variable interweave of intrigue and suspense will continue to drive Robert to the brink of having to choose between life or death… the question remains, who’s life and who’s death?

Destiny’s Game, the second installment of The Sampson Project, will catapult you to places untold. It continues the emotionally intense modern gothic mystery thriller about the quest for truth beyond perception; and the man who is determined to save his one true love and reclaim his life from those he once trusted.

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