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The Social Media Management Handbook


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How do organizations manage social media effectively?

While marketing and PR departments are usually early adopters, social media's potential extends far beyond these functions. More direct interaction with customers, greater organizational agility and coordination, better market data and business intelligence, and more efficient internal processes are just some potential benefits. But realizing these goals is no cakewalk, and the new opportunities also bring new pitfalls. So what's the smart way to bring social media initiatives to your company?

The Social Media Management Handbook is the first guide to explain, clearly and concretely, how to implement key social media strategies throughout the organization. Use this practical, step-by-step road map to ensure your Facebook, Twitter, and other Web 2.0 initiatives achieve business goals and drive your overall enterprise strategy.

The Social Media Management Handbook helps you work across such disparate areas as IT, customer service, sales, communications, and more. It explains policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities, metrics, strategies, incentives, and legal issues that may arise. When you use the comprehensive strategies described in this book, you'll be able to:

  • Make the business case for social media investments by demonstrating ROI and other key supporting data

  • Develop a clear social media strategy and integrate it with your overall strategy

  • Understand the IT implications of social media use

  • Take small, initial successes and scale them to create significant results for the entire enterprise

  • Create consistent customer experiences and interactions

  • Employ an effective social media management framework

  • Adopt effective social media governance policies to ensure legal compliance

  • And much more

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