The Enchanted Knight


Into The Forest, #1

Robin Rance Serie: Into The Forest | Taal: Engels

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I believe in Fairytales, and this one should start out as Once upon a time…

Bryin Lee is the last of the Forest Fae Princesses. She fled the village she was raised in with her brother and her unborn child. She vowed to protect her son once he was born; from the wicked Laird of the castle. If the Laird ever found her child, he would take him from her.

Brannon swore he would give his life to keep his sister and her boy safe. He used the skills he had learned while fostering with a wealthy family in England to build their croft, and he also hunted and kept them fed.

Their lives together were simple and filled with laughter, until the day Brannon left to check his traps and came upon a fierce looking knight in full armor. He feared for his family's safety and did what he felt was needed to protect them.

He couldn't leave the injured man behind where there were wild beasties and evil people who would do them all harm if the were discovered in the forest all alone. So, he brought the knight home for his sister to heal.

Join them all in a world of Magik, Faeries, Knights, and Castles. And don't forget Evil; where there is Magik there must also be evil!

ebook EPUB
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