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The Prepper Preparedness Guide


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A complete handbook for doing what you might have thought until now to be impossible. That is being able to actually stay safely in your suburban home and using your backyard to augment your survival in a long term grid down scenario. No you don't need to have a big garden or a big backyard but some permaculture would be nice if you wish to add it and this is covered also. This is the most unique and informative survival manual written by a prepper for preppers you will ever read.
This will teach you valuable life saving skills that can be applied to everything from the inner city to the wild woods ,but they can work with just your regular old back lawn. You don't need a lot of equipment; to get by, actually this book will teach you how to do it simply with no equipment iat all if you have too! The main thing you will learn is how to actually be able obtain food from your backyard and be able to get by on just that for sustenance if you need to for many months. No worries I am not suggesting you eat bugs. When you get done reading this book you will find out that for less than $50 you can assure yourself of something to eat besides them bugs for six months or longer.
If you ever wanted a book that you can grab and say ready set go, what do I do? A mega disaster has just happened, how do I possibly survive with just a backyard to depend on, well my friends this is it! No hype, just time tested skills, great advice and practical survival knowledge applied to urban and suburban areas.

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