Legal Aspects of Geology

Ronald W. Tank Taal: Engels


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This treatise is an outgrowth of a series of seminars and tutorials on selected legal aspects of geology that were offered to several generations of undergraduate students at Lawrence University. The offerings were in response to a keen interest in how the law and legal institutions relate to the professional geologist. Much of the student interest was undoubtedly sparked by the legal controversies as­ sociated with the "environmental movement" that became so active during the 1970s and continues today to look to the law for the resolution of conflicting goals. Other students were interested in the role allocated to law by society in general, or were simply curious about law as a profession. Existing published material did not meet my needs, and I had to rely on "handouts" summarizing legal principles, reported appellate cases, and guest lectures from the county bar association. The more formally prepared course materials were edited by practicing attorneys and scholars in academia who encouraged me to seek a publisher who might make the materials available to a broader audience-an audience that might include not only students of the law but also the professional geologist, geological engineers, planners, policy­ makers, and attorneys, whether in industry, government, education, or private practice, who want to know more about the relationship between law and geology.
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