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Take one pretty chef with confidence issues…

Add one sexy restaurateur with blind ambition…

Untested recipes are always a risk … is this one worth taking?

She's going to ask the arrogant hottie for a special favor…

Talia Madej, a personal chef, has kept a recent harrowing crisis secret from her friends and the local gossips in her small town. She has enough baggage to sink a ship which has crushed her confidence and makes her wary of men and relationships. The only way out of this is to start living again, and the first hurdle is to ask the new guy in town to help her get back in the game. Even if he is not her type, a cocky workaholic who always seems to be surrounded by beautiful women, he's the perfect candidate because he's temporary. He'll be a short-term player in her long-term scheme.

He's not about to refuse her and the intriguing offer she presents…

Peyton MacKenzie's star is rising. A hotshot restaurateur in New York City who is used to putting himself first, he just has to get his newest restaurant up and running, and then he's blowing this tiny bohemian tourist town and pursuing a huge career opportunity. But when the charming blond chef needs use of his commercial kitchen for her catering business, he surprises himself and doesn't hesitate to say yes. And when she asks for something bigger with no strings attached, he's definitely more than willing to oblige. Soon he realizes that simply being a pawn in her plan is not enough for him. He has to figure out how to hold on to her…forever.

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