real time opthalmic ultrasonography

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by Dr. Nathaniel R. Bronson, 11 This volume serves a two-fold purpose very nieely. For the ophthalmologist there is a presentation of the teehniques and results of ultrasonie examination of the eye and orbit. For the radiologist or general ultrasonographer the essential oeular anat­ omy and pathology are deseribed with these findings. Unlike eon­ ventional x-rays or statie general body ultrasonograms, the exami­ nation of the eye by real-time ultrasonography must be done by an examiner with extensive personal knowledge of the eye and the orbit, both anatomieally and pathologieally. The student must realize that the Polaroid photographs ean only show an example of what was transiently seen, such as spot films taken during fturo­ seopy. This is further eomplieated by the poor reproduetion by Polaroid films of the aetual gray sc ale seen during the examination. Considerable work has been done to prepare this text. The author has done elinieal ultrasonography of many eyes and presents the findings of his experienee. As in most fields of medieal diagnostie work this experienee is essential to aehieve the best results. The beginner in ophthalmie ultrasonography is eneouraged to work with known pathology. Fortunately, pathologie ehanges in the eye vii FOREWORD can frequently be seen with a slit lamp or an compared our ultrasonic diagnosis of orbital ophthalmoscope. For example, a known retinal masses with those of the same patient done on a detachment is an ideal case with which to start. CAT scanner.
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