Her Sensuous Rebirth (Pleasing Xavier Vol. 3)


Pleasing Xavier, #3

Sable Rose Serie: Pleasing Xavier | Taal: Engels

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Lovers of erotic romance and fantasy, grab the fire extinguisher because this book will set you ablaze...

Tamara Abbey is a woman confused.

Torn between a normal relationship with a colleague, Adam, and a fiery, otherworldly affair with her dominating hotter than hot boss, Xavier Osagie.

She's in love with Xavier but he isn't offering commitment. Adam is, though.

When Xavier orchestrates a threesome involving Adam, although reluctant, Tamara agrees.

That threesome changes everything for Tamara.

Meek Tamara is now dead and buried. Long live the New and Improved Version!

In between finding herself and enjoying her newfound liberation, she joins forces with Xavier to battle a lethal group of angels named the Pure Ones who plan to release a deadly virus.

A virus that could kill millions of people.

Sometimes it seems she can't catch a break.

There's always one group or the other hunting Xavier. If it's not the Soldiers for Unity, it's the Pure Ones.

Well, this is the normal for the new Tamara.

She's kicking ass, taking prisoners, having life-changing sex and, hopefully, maybe, finally getting her happy ending.

Her Sensuous Rebirth is an erotic paranormal romance urban fantasy meant for mature audiences. It contains explicit sex scenes and graphic language.

ebook EPUB
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