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The Nowhere Man


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How does a decorated Navy SEAL --- DEVGRU or SEAL Team 6 --- "Elite of the Elite" --- go from American hero to serial killer? And when he does, utilizing his uncanny skills, who can stop him?
"The Nowhere Man" tells the story of U.S. Lieutenant Commander Kent Taylor, deployed on a mission by his country, only to end up gravely injured, abandoned and incarcerated in a foreign prison camp. Taylor escapes and makes it back to the United States where he learns that, during his absence, his pregnant wife, his young son and his wife's parents have all died in what appears to be an accidental house fire.
Tormented by guilt that he was not there to save his family members, overwhelmed by the depth of his grief and anguish, Taylor begins investigating what occurred on that tragic night. What he uncovers shakes him to the core. The deaths were not accidental. His loved ones were murdered as part of a cover-up that includes people in power in the very government for which he has risked his life time and again.
With no one to turn to, no one he believes he can trust, no other foreseeable path to justice, Taylor takes it upon himself to avenge their deaths by striking out against those whom he believes are responsible. As the number of his victims increases, a team of law enforcement officers, under the leadership of the F.B.I., finds itself completely baffled by the skills of an assassin so incredibly adept and illusive that the media have dubbed him "The Ghost Assassin."
Special Agent Bill Gladding, a highly respected and experienced federal agent, thought he had seen it all before taking the lead in the search for this killer. What he learns about Kent Taylor challenges him in new and unique ways.
Neither of these men expected to end up on this path, but one way or another, they are going to see it through to the end.
And the end may be the most astonishing thing of all!
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