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The Advanced Fixed Income and Derivatives Management Guide


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Although TSIR (term structure of interest rates) influences not only the valuation of securities, but also most investment decisions and even monetary policy, what many investors still lack is a thorough and consistent method for systematically managing all their global fixed income assets based on TSIR. For one thing, many theoretical models of TSIR are not accurate enough. The Advanced Fixed Income and Derivatives Management Guide offers a new solution.

The author has created a completely novel framework for evaluating global fixed income investments based on a stable TSIR. In this packed guide, he provides over 700 equations and pages of explanation to give you the most detailed analysis of many fixed income instruments and sectors including inflation linked and corporate securities and bond option currently available.

The book is a practical reference guide and astonishingly detailed. The author implements his methodology to analyze valuation, risk measurement, performance attribution, security selection and portfolio construction across all sectors and their respective derivatives. You'll find numerous useful market based examples to help you find value and decompose the risks of bonds, mortgages, credits and currencies as well as their derivatives such as bond futures and options, callable bonds, credit default swaps, inflation swaps and swaptions.

There is coverage for the first ever estimation of recovery value from market prices and partial yields. Trading ideas, rich/cheap analysis and arbitrage opportunities are explored across all asset classes and their derivatives.

The book's comprehensive methodology can also be used for back office operations such as risk management and policy checking in a consistent way.

As an added bonus, many of the analytics are available on the book's dedicated and password protected website. You'll find worksheets and macros that you can download and use to measure risks and valuations based on the TSIR.

If you're an analyst, portfolio manager or trader seeking a more systematic and thorough way to manage even the most complex securities or investments, this book offers a practical new solution.

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